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Star Trek Continues

The Chair
I’m late to another party. The second episode of Star Trek Continues is now online, and I wasn’t even aware of the first one.

Star Trek Continues is a fan-produced web series continuing the original series (TOS). It may be fan-produced, but this is no penny-ante operation. They raised over $100,000 to make this via Kickstarter. The basic look is the same as in the old series. That goes right down to camera angles, sound effects, program length, and (for better or worse) the 4:3 aspect ratio. The special effects are somewhat comparable to when they reworked the original series episodes in the last decade. The sets and costumes are stunningly identical to the originals.

Star Trek fans will recognize the name Chris Doohan, if not necessarily the face. Mythbusters fans will recognize Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu. Michael Forest, who played Apollo in the original series, comes back for this one. The computer voice is Marina Sirtis (who played Counselor Troi in ST: The Next Generation). You’ll find more big names when you look at the credits.

Here’s episode one, for those who were also late:

If it seems a little corny, you should applaud that, too. They’re doing 1960s TV.

You can watch more at