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Sequels in the works

Yes, I do have sequels in the works. One Thousand Years is the first of a series.

If there’s one thing I learned when nearing completion of my first novel last year, it’s that I’m terrible at estimating when I’ll be done. That being said, the full-length main sequel will be done later this year (well, first draft, but not too much later for publication). There had been some delay because I wrote some non-fiction along the way (and I’ll be keeping mum on that for a while).

Notice that I said “main sequel.” There will very, very soon be a related short-story/novelette. I know that some readers wanted more on the alien Grauen. This story will touch on them, albeit from the distance of cannon and missile fire. The crew of the Göring want revenge. Sam McHenry wants a shot at them, too. I think it will be a nice diversion.

The main sequel follows the ending of the first book. Readers need to see future Berlin with all its glory, all its hopes… and all the things we should have feared. Plus, even though the book takes place in the future, it will also cover some real history.

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Queen to queen’s level three

David Brin’s recent post includes a note on another fan-produced Star Trek production in the pipeline: Star Trek: Axanar.

Where other fan-productions, like Star Trek Continues (mentioned before) are TV episodes, Star Trek: Axanar will be a full-length movie. It stars Alec Peters, Richard Hatch, J.G. Hertzler, Gary Graham, Kate Vernon, Tony Todd, and Garret Wang. You may recognize some of those names from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Alien Nation.

It won’t be out for another year, but a 20 minute “documentary” is available now:

Think back to the old Star Trek episode “Whom Gods Destroy.” That’s the one where Kirk visits an insane asylum that is subsequently taken over by the brilliant and insane mental patient Captain Garth, the hero of the Battle of Axanar some 20 years earlier. Now we’ll get to see that battle, and Captain Garth’s victory.

Solar sailing in the 21st century

I was preparing a post apologizing for my absence (and that apology gets harder to write the longer I take) when I saw this news of another solar sail project.

It’s from The Planetary Society. There is a video of their launch announcement here.

This is not just a solar sail for the sake of a solar sail. They intend to use these to deploy relatively cheap satellites called CubeSats.

To round out the 21st centuryness, it’s supported by crowdfunding that accepts BitCoin.