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Sam McHenry sequel out in a few days

My short story is done. It’s technically a novelette — almost a novella — but most people don’t bother with the distinction. I will submit it through Amazon as soon as the cover is ready.

I’ve resisted commenting on this blog because I realize I’m very late with this sequel. I am sorry. I did not want to say anything again until the story is checked and rechecked.

I am extremely pleased with how this story turned out. It picks up with Sam McHenry about a month after the first book ends, taking place entirely aboard the Göring in an extended battle with the alien Grauen.

I will post another message in a few days when it’s up. Notices will go out then as well.

The book after this will be a full novel continuing the story in space and back on Earth. It picks up with Sam McHenry after the battle in this story, shows the alternate end of WWII, the years that follow, and the Reich of the future. The characters from the first book will be back, and those in Hawaii will also be present for the fight against Nazi tyranny and world domination. The book was actually started before work on this novelette began.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

February 13 update: I’m sorry (again) for the further delay. The story/novelette is still ready, but the cover isn’t quite there yet. I had forgotten how long this stuff can take. It’s almost done.