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Hitler finds out… the real story

You’ve all seen the “Hitler finds out” Downfall parodies.

(And if you haven’t, search YouTube. For more on these parodies, there is a wiki that has a page specifically for the bunker scene.)

You could get the basic idea what was really going on even if you didn’t understand the words. Hitler was waiting on a Wehrmacht counter-attack to save Berlin, and this is where his generals tell him that it simply didn’t happen. Hitler finally knows, as they all do, that this is the end. He blames everyone but himself.

But it’s important to know the actual words. Here is the scene with the real English translation:

These parodies usually begin about half a minute later. This one begins at a scene immediately before it, when the secretaries are asking about the situation. This gives you a little bit of context as to why one of them cries in the next scene.

It was General Wilhelm Burgdorf that you see defending the honor of the troops. Hitler might only have been blaming the generals there — I don’t know — but it was nice to see somebody finally speaking up about something.

The others you see called out to remain for the dressing-down are Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, General Alfred Jodl and General Hans Krebs. Keitel and Jodl were executed in 1946. Krebs and Burgdorf didn’t survive the bunker. Both committed suicide.

And if you want the full movie, see Downfall. It’s a must-see for WWII history buffs.

By the way: If you’re giving a briefing, particularly for someone higher ranking than you, the chart needs to be right-side-up for the guy getting briefed.

A postcard from 1942

Found via IowaHawk’s Dave Burge:

Mother Europe 1942

“The very first anti-Brexit campaign.” But I think it’s also worth looking at for the history.

IowaHawk found it via Tim Blair, who got it from James Morrow: “Note neutral Sweden and Switzerland standing around in confusion while the British chick is suckered into the American-Jewish trap.”

The rest of Europe is shown to be happily marching in the same direction. Nazi Germany is portrayed as but one of the nations.

Note the Marshal Philippe Pétain postage stamp. He was the leader of Vichy’s collaborationist puppet government.