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EpiPen alternatives

Found this on Baen’s Bar message board (registration required), attributed to a former drug rep contact:

If you need an Epipen but can’t afford it, there ARE alternatives. Have Doc write an Rx for Adrenaclick but sign Substitution Allowed and have the pharmacy order this generic of it from Lineage Therapeutics. I saw where Costco can get it and patient pays $10. Spread this if you want to share with patients who may need this.

I sold Epipen a LONG time ago when King Pharma owned it and Dey marketed it. I am passionate about food allergies & therefore realize people need to know about this option.

Also- the FDA isn’t in cahoots with Mylan. There have been other competitors on the market (Twinject, Auvi-Q) they just failed for one reason or another.

More info at and

I know almost nothing about the subject, other than it’s in the news that the price had skyrocketed. The links were in the original message.

Stop What You’re Doing and Update Your iPhone Right Now

I’d do this if I had an iPhone:

Stop What You’re Doing and Update Your iPhone Right Now:

A serious security breach was discovered on Apple’s iOS this week that could leave your iPhone vulnerable to a remote jailbreak. Thursday afternoon Apple issued an urgent iPhone and iPad software update (iOS 9.3.5) that includes a patch for the vulnerability. If you haven’t already done so, you should install the new version immediately.

Block phones today, block spy-drones tomorrow

Via Glenn Reynolds / Instapundit:

A pub owner in East Sussex, England, installed a Faraday cage to block his customers from using their phones. He hopes it will get them away from their mobile devices and talking to one another again.

It’s a pretty ingenious (but controversial) move that involves installing metal mesh in the walls and ceiling of the bar to essentially filter out electromagnetic signals before they enter the building.

This effect was first discovered back in 1836 by physicist Michael Faraday, and it works in a similar way to noise-cancelling headphones, which block out noise by emitting the opposite wavelengths of sound.

So, when electromagnetic radiation – such as a phone signal – hits the outside of a Faraday cage, it causes electrons in the metal to move and create an electromagnetic field that exactly opposes and cancels out that wavelength of radiation.

Gene Hackman’s character, Brill, in the movie Enemy of the State had his workshop inside a Faraday cage. The next time you see the movie, note the wire mesh.

Technicians repairing secure communications equipment (“scramblers,” although we never called them that) have to work inside a Faraday cage to prevent signals from escaping that might reveal how the device works. They call it “the vault.”

But what gets me is, we’re all going to need them soon.

It’s just a matter of time before drones become tiny enough to invade your home. Intelligence agencies are very likely using insect-size drones right now. It won’t be too many years before the really tiny ones are cheap enough for hobbyists, and then curious kids. A home Faraday cage may not be a bad thing.

Axanar: Star Trek Fan Film Fights On

ReasonTV has a story on the kerfuffle over Axanar: The $1 Million Star Trek Fan Film CBS Wants to Stop:

It’s a bit long at over 11 minutes, but it includes something on the history of Trek fan films — going back to the 1970s. This is worth watching just for that.

I’m not a lawyer (sometimes a caveat; sometimes a badge of honor), but I don’t think they have a chance if it gets to court. They need to fight it out in the streets of public opinion.

Fan-O-Rama (Futurama) preview

Fan-O-Rama poster
You have to like this if you’ve seen a few episodes of the show. It’s Futurama as a live-action film.

Hollywood is in big trouble. I may have said that before. It’s true.

Like many of the various Star Trek fan-films, this isn’t really a small project. There are some bigger names, like Rich Little as the voice of the reanimated Nixon. But Hollywood’s big problem is that there clearly will become a point where we won’t need them anymore.

Just imagine what the small fan-productions will be doing ten years from now.

It looks like this will be a fun movie. Their website is here.

The preview is beautiful: