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Christmas book deals

Merry Christmas!

As he did last year, writer Christopher Nuttall is giving away books from some of his mil-SF series, but this time there are three freebies: The Empire’s Corps, Ark Royal and now his alt-hist Storm Front.

I won’t be able to read Storm Front until my own Scorched Years is finally out on Amazon. But I will certainly be grabbing it on Christmas Eve.

They will be free from December 24th through 26th. Details at his blog here and again here.

And if you or someone you know hasn’t gotten mine yet: the Kindle edition of One Thousand Years (the first of my series) will be discounted to 99 cents from December 24th through the 26th.

Postscript: December 28

Well, the sale’s over. But on the bright side, these books aren’t all that pricey to begin with. Each of the above is only three bucks.

Or, you can still get mine in paperback for $8.99. And (speaking for mine, as this varies from publisher to publisher) if you get at, even if you bought it a few years ago, they’ll give you the Kindle edition for free.

Details on Amazon’s Matchbook program in a much earlier post.

On paperbacks

I had initially put off doing a paperback edition for The Time Bridge at Orion, thinking that I might try to get it into an anthology elsewhere. But most anthologies are going to have a Kindle edition as well, and that causes issues regarding KindleUnlimited eligibility. (And you should check out KindleUnlimited if you read a lot on Kindle.)

So, The Time Bridge at Orion will get its own paperback edition after all. Naturally, I intend to keep it the same height as the first one, even if (as a novella) it’s thin. The publisher came out with new options, but I’m keeping everything the same simply because I’d like them to fit next to each other on the bookshelf.

As some readers may have noticed, I’ve modified the cover for the Kindle edition of One Thousand Years. It may change again with the upcoming release of Scorched Years, but they will be minor changes.

Near first-editions — for now

The paperback edition of One Thousand Years will stay the same for a while yet. The current one is still unchanged from the first edition. I’m not aware of the publisher changing anything at their end other than a change in the price code. So, if you want a near-first edition, it’s still available for now.

But it’s not technically a first edition. The price code is on the back. It needed to go up an extra buck in order to make it available for special orders at book stores. On the other hand, it’s not much of a collector’s item at this point. I don’t see this going up for auction at Sotheby’s, which is really about the only time the difference of a price code would matter. Maybe in one thousand years….

USS Enterprise returns to home port

No, this isn’t about the new series on CBS (or the carrier decommissioned in 2012). I’m talking about Star Trek Continues, the fan-made series I discussed many times previously. They released their finale last month, and they went out on top.

If you’re new to this, scan my Star Trek posts here.

If you’re a fan of the original series, but not up to watching all eleven episodes of this one, you might still give these last two episodes a shot. It’s not like you need to see the rest in order when you already know the main characters, if not the actors playing them.

This two-episode series finale brings us back to the story of Captain Kirk’s first episode, which was the original show’s second pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” In that one, two crewmembers gained super human powers with ambitions to match.

Now, Kirk and the Enterprise must chase a group of idealistic evil-doers seeking to acquire those powers for themselves.

Along the way, Spock calls in assistance from the female Romulan starship captain he betrayed and humiliated in the old episode where they stole a cloaking device. If you remember that episode, you’ll be shocked at the resemblance when you see the actress playing her now. I had to look her up: She’s Amy Rydell, the daughter of Joanne Linville, the actress who played the original.

Fans will like the way the finale ties in the first episode and then ends by setting up for the situation as it stood in the 1979 movie. The Enterprise returns to Earth, and their mission is completed. You might have noticed the poster above shows Kirk wearing the uniform he would have in that movie. He wears it at the end of the second part of this finale, when it is announced that Starfleet has a new uniform. This brings a continuity to the space between the original series and what came after. That’s a nice touch. It shows an appreciation for the fans’ view of the series that was usually missing from the big productions.

Part two is on YouTube here.

Or, you can find all eleven episodes at

Book report

I thought I couldn’t be more embarrassed when getting to write this, but now I see that my previous post on this had promised my next book would be ready before Winter. Well, it’s not technically Winter until the 21st, but it’s probably not going to be out the door by then. Expect late in January. I am very sorry. It’s been a rough year.

Scorched Years is the title. It could change up to the last minute. I have several others in mind, but I keep coming back to this one.

I have most of the 3D models I’ll need for the cover. The only ones remaining will be basic shapes I’ll need in the background. I couldn’t work on a cover until I was close to completion. This was out of necessity. I’m too much of a doodler. The book would never be finished if I allowed myself to start on the cover before the proper time.

As said before, WWII comes to a sad end. There is some real history here, including several events that not everyone knows about, although I’m sure that some of you do. But WWII is only the first part of the book. There is also a future, plus some fighting before they even get there.