Book report

I thought I couldn’t be more embarrassed when getting to write this, but now I see that my previous post on this had promised my next book would be ready before Winter. Well, it’s not technically Winter until the 21st, but it’s probably not going to be out the door by then. Expect late in January. I am very sorry. It’s been a rough year.

Scorched Years is the title. It could change up to the last minute. I have several others in mind, but I keep coming back to this one.

I have most of the 3D models I’ll need for the cover. The only ones remaining will be basic shapes I’ll need in the background. I couldn’t work on a cover until I was close to completion. This was out of necessity. I’m too much of a doodler. The book would never be finished if I allowed myself to start on the cover before the proper time.

As said before, WWII comes to a sad end. There is some real history here, including several events that not everyone knows about, although I’m sure that some of you do. But WWII is only the first part of the book. There is also a future, plus some fighting before they even get there.