Christmas book deals

Merry Christmas!

As he did last year, writer Christopher Nuttall is giving away books from some of his mil-SF series, but this time there are three freebies: The Empire’s Corps, Ark Royal and now his alt-hist Storm Front.

I won’t be able to read Storm Front until my own Scorched Years is finally out on Amazon. But I will certainly be grabbing it on Christmas Eve.

They will be free from December 24th through 26th. Details at his blog here and again here.

And if you or someone you know hasn’t gotten mine yet: the Kindle edition of One Thousand Years (the first of my series) will be discounted to 99 cents from December 24th through the 26th.

Postscript: December 28

Well, the sale’s over. But on the bright side, these books aren’t all that pricey to begin with. Each of the above is only three bucks.

Or, you can still get mine in paperback for $8.99. And (speaking for mine, as this varies from publisher to publisher) if you get at, even if you bought it a few years ago, they’ll give you the Kindle edition for free.

Details on Amazon’s Matchbook program in a much earlier post.