On paperbacks

I had initially put off doing a paperback edition for The Time Bridge at Orion, thinking that I might try to get it into an anthology elsewhere. But most anthologies are going to have a Kindle edition as well, and that causes issues regarding KindleUnlimited eligibility. (And you should check out KindleUnlimited if you read a lot on Kindle.)

So, The Time Bridge at Orion will get its own paperback edition after all. Naturally, I intend to keep it the same height as the first one, even if (as a novella) it’s thin. The publisher came out with new options, but I’m keeping everything the same simply because I’d like them to fit next to each other on the bookshelf.

As some readers may have noticed, I’ve modified the cover for the Kindle edition of One Thousand Years. It may change again with the upcoming release of Scorched Years, but they will be minor changes.

Near first-editions — for now

The paperback edition of One Thousand Years will stay the same for a while yet. The current one is still unchanged from the first edition. I’m not aware of the publisher changing anything at their end other than a change in the price code. So, if you want a near-first edition, it’s still available for now.

But it’s not technically a first edition. The price code is on the back. It needed to go up an extra buck in order to make it available for special orders at book stores. On the other hand, it’s not much of a collector’s item at this point. I don’t see this going up for auction at Sotheby’s, which is really about the only time the difference of a price code would matter. Maybe in one thousand years….