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Book report

I thought I couldn’t be more embarrassed when getting to write this, but now I see that my previous post on this had promised my next book would be ready before Winter. Well, it’s not technically Winter until the 21st, but it’s probably not going to be out the door by then. Expect late in January. I am very sorry. It’s been a rough year.

Scorched Years is the title. It could change up to the last minute. I have several others in mind, but I keep coming back to this one.

I have most of the 3D models I’ll need for the cover. The only ones remaining will be basic shapes I’ll need in the background. I couldn’t work on a cover until I was close to completion. This was out of necessity. I’m too much of a doodler. The book would never be finished if I allowed myself to start on the cover before the proper time.

As said before, WWII comes to a sad end. There is some real history here, including several events that not everyone knows about, although I’m sure that some of you do. But WWII is only the first part of the book. There is also a future, plus some fighting before they even get there.

Dueling history

Eric S. Raymond has a fascinating post on what killed the duel? He’s a firearms instructor, although best known for things digital.

I like that he used the phrase “honor had been satisfied.” It was an important concept. It always reminds me of the movie Things to Come (1936), which had a character saying it — not about a duel, but similarly offering a reason to back out of something dangerous.

I include it here for fellow writers who may be working on a period piece. It will give you the sense that there was more to the duel than simply being the quickest draw.

New cover for The Time Bridge at Orion

The Time Bridge at Orion now has a new cover. I had a bad case of the flu last March when the story was first released, and always planned to replace the cover with a better one.

It’s basically the same 3D model as the first cover, but from a different angle, with different lighting effects, and a better background.

For those interested, the ship is a 3D model created with POV-Ray. The background and captions were added in later. It was all put together using GIMP.

The Time Bridge at Orion

The story is up:
The Time Bridge at Orion

I’ll say more later, but I’ve got the flu.

Okay, the flu was miserable. Nuff said.

A 17,500 word story is a novelette by some standards, or a novella according to the Science Fiction Writers of America. I’m just calling it “a story” for now. I don’t yet know how this story will make it to a paperback edition. I will look for a solution.

The story itself takes place about where the first book ends, with Göring in deep space awaiting an opportunity to travel forward in time. This is more space opera than One Thousand Years, but there are also some important historical items, as those are always important to me.

Addendum: This cover picture was replaced a few months later:

Sam McHenry sequel out in a few days

My short story is done. It’s technically a novelette — almost a novella — but most people don’t bother with the distinction. I will submit it through Amazon as soon as the cover is ready.

I’ve resisted commenting on this blog because I realize I’m very late with this sequel. I am sorry. I did not want to say anything again until the story is checked and rechecked.

I am extremely pleased with how this story turned out. It picks up with Sam McHenry about a month after the first book ends, taking place entirely aboard the Göring in an extended battle with the alien Grauen.

I will post another message in a few days when it’s up. Notices will go out then as well.

The book after this will be a full novel continuing the story in space and back on Earth. It picks up with Sam McHenry after the battle in this story, shows the alternate end of WWII, the years that follow, and the Reich of the future. The characters from the first book will be back, and those in Hawaii will also be present for the fight against Nazi tyranny and world domination. The book was actually started before work on this novelette began.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

February 13 update: I’m sorry (again) for the further delay. The story/novelette is still ready, but the cover isn’t quite there yet. I had forgotten how long this stuff can take. It’s almost done.

Sequels in the works

Yes, I do have sequels in the works. One Thousand Years is the first of a series.

If there’s one thing I learned when nearing completion of my first novel last year, it’s that I’m terrible at estimating when I’ll be done. That being said, the full-length main sequel will be done later this year (well, first draft, but not too much later for publication). There had been some delay because I wrote some non-fiction along the way (and I’ll be keeping mum on that for a while).

Notice that I said “main sequel.” There will very, very soon be a related short-story/novelette. I know that some readers wanted more on the alien Grauen. This story will touch on them, albeit from the distance of cannon and missile fire. The crew of the Göring want revenge. Sam McHenry wants a shot at them, too. I think it will be a nice diversion.

The main sequel follows the ending of the first book. Readers need to see future Berlin with all its glory, all its hopes… and all the things we should have feared. Plus, even though the book takes place in the future, it will also cover some real history.

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Book news

One Thousand Years is an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist!

This means the book is now in the top 500 from the original 10,000 entrants. Among five genres, that puts it in the top 100 for Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror.

It is currently in the hands of Publishers Weekly.

The next stage — the Semi-Finalists — will be announced in June.

That brings me to an apology that the next Sam McHenry story isn’t quite ready yet. And for that, I am sorry. I’m typing as fast as I can. I will have more news on this very soon.